Knob Creek is a Kentucky bourban whiskey that is aged nine years to perfection. Althought it is not the top selling whiskey, it is the top selling bourban whiskey in the world. It is bottled at 100 proof, which is higher than the standard 80 proof that is the minimum required by the US. It is sold in a rectangular bottle with a corked and wax-sealed top. The bourbon itself has a dark, golden-brown color. The flavor is fairly distinct due to its light sweetness. According to the company, this is due to the long aging process, during which it absorbs more sugar than usual. It is aged near the center of the rackhouse due to the warmer temperatures there, which are claimed to produce a higher quality bourbon.

I am a current active in the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. As a pledge we choose big bros to help us through the semester. Each family has there own bottle of alcohol and I was lucky enough to be in the family with Knob Creek. Although I not remember much of the night, I do recall the quality of this whiskey. It does have a very rich, sweet taste. It contains 50 percent alcohol, so therefore it kicks you in the face even with just the slightest waft. I had never tried this type of whiskey until i was given it by my big bro, but since then I have drinken it a few other time. The reason for its such sweet taste is because the extra aging of nine years allows it to absorb more of the sugar in the wood.

Lighter bourbon usually means less aging, which translates into a less complex bourbon with a lower alcohol content. Knob Creek is more sophisticated. It’s a darker bourbon, with higher alcohol content. This means Knob Creek isn’t the bourbon you usually first start with, but where you end up, after your palate has matured. Kudos if you did start with Knob Creek-you are well ahead of the curve. Knob Creek can often get the best of its drinkers because it is a stronger alochol. I was unaware of the alcohol content in it, because of this for some reason I thought I could drink it like water.  This infact, is exactly why it got the best of me last semester. For those who drink whiskey I would strongly suggest that you try Knob Creek, but do take it easy at first. Unless your the kind that like to wake up in a random house on the couch with three guys standing around you…