As we have all been watching the news lately we have seen that the African country of Libya is in a great deal of turmoil. This has been going on for sometime now, although recently it has gotten worse. Amnesty International said about 30 people have reportedly been killed in the “ongoing unrest which began early last month.” The head of interim government is eastern Libya has issued a no-fly zone over Libya. The country of Libya is turning to internation communities to help them stop the turmoil before more bloodshed occurs.

Murammar el-Quaddafi, that nations dictative monarch has had power for 42 years, since he was only 27 years of age. Colonel Qaddafi has also built a persona, in particular as a revolutionary still tilting at distant colonial powers, that in some ways resonates with Libyans who remember their bitter experiences under Italian rule. His personal mythology has helped him stay on top of a fractious, tribal and deeply divided society for longer than any other living leader in North Africa or the Middle East. It is hard to know what combination of fear, opportunism and sincere adoration drives supporters to attend the Qaddafi rallies that have erupted across Tripoli — the manic crowds chanting “God and Muammar and Libya, enough.” But the cult of Qaddafi began to take shape in 1975, just six years after the bloodless coup that brought him to power, when he published the Green Book, a grandiose and quasi-coherent work of a Stalin who aspired to become a Marx.

The main question being raised in America is how should we get involved, militaristic or diplomatic. My opionion is that we do need to help the deteriorating country of Libya but only to some degree. Throughout the world often time then not when a country is in trouble they count on us to save them and make it all better. I believe that America gets caught in the trap way too much. We have our on problems in the US that need to be solved first. I feel that we overlook our country and see it as perfect instead of trying to help the millions of people who are homeless, unemployed, or even just the crime in America. As one of the top powers in the world it is our duty to help but we can’t get caught so much in other countries. We need to make it a stable place to live and get out. I think America tries to be superman more than needed.