Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whiskey , 40% alcohol by volume, 80 proof. The brand is currently owned by Diageo, who purchased it when the Seagram portfolio was dissolved in the year 2000. It is the top-selling Canadian whisky in the United States. The name came about when King George VI underwent a deeply painful root canal. He asked his wife Queen Elizabeth to find him an elixir to sooth his recently replaced crown. The queen then asked the president of Seagram company to make a quality elixir to be packaged in a crown-shaped bottle and dressed in a distinctive royal purple bag to be presented to the king. Like the packaging, the name chosen for the product was intended to reflect the quality of the spirit and as a play on words for its original intended use, a marketing concept that quickly caught consumer attention. It was available only in Canada until 1964.

Crown Royal is produced in one location, at the Crown Royal Distillery at Gimli, in Manitoba, Canada. Daily production of Crown Royal uses 10,000 bushels of grain and requires 900,000 gallons of water. The whisky produced at the Manitoba distillery is stored in 2 million barrels, stored in 46 warehouses, on over 5 acres of land. The whiskey is then blended and bottled in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Crown Royal comes in 5 different types:

Original– Crown Royal is a masterful blend of smoke, spice, oak, and a delightful hint of cherry. This sophisticated symphony of palate-pleasing taste make Crown Royal the finest whisky on the market.


 Black– the drink consists of a higher alcohol content (90 proof) as well as a darker, thicker liquid, while still retaining smoothness. This new variation is, on average, $5 more than the signature Crown Royal.

                                                               Reserve– This whiskey is aged for a longer period than the original.

Cask No. 16– It is made from over fifty blended and individually aged whiskies in 12 year old cognac barrels. These barrels are made of oak from the Limousin forest in France. The whiskies are designed to have a cognac type of finish with notes of rye, grain, and fruit.

XR (Extra Rare)– This limited-release special blend of Crown Royal is sold in numbered bottles, and is made from the last batch of whiskey distilled at the Waterloo distillery.